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The firm has since established and developed a clientele base of Provincial Governments, Municipalities, parastatals and Private firms whom we provide a broad range of property Valuation related services and Meter reading using the modern technology devices that captures GIS points, property and meter reading images.

Here Are Our Main Services


Residential Property Valuation, Commercial Property Valuation, Industrial Property Valuation, Specialized Property Valuation(Mining), Farm Valuations, Leisure Property Valuations, Valuation of Servitude, Insurance Valuations in the form of replacement cost valuations as well as depreciated cost valuations, Valuations required for the purposes of deceased estates, Valuation for the purposes of financial reporting, Valuation to establish Fair value and Market Value, Valuation Advisory Services: (Advisory on Purchase Price, Developmental Potential, Opportunity Cost Valuations and Development Appraisal).

Property Valuation

All Valuers are registered and affiliated with the SACPVP & SAIV and have extensive experience within the property valuation field which are rendered.


We are a diverse property development group across all sectors such as;residential, commercial, retail, industrial, tourism & leisure, and others through out South Africa..


Member of South African Council of Valuers Profession.
Member of South African Institute of Valuers.
Member of South African Black Valuers Association.



The quality of any valuation depends much on the quality and accuracy of data collection to arrive at an informed market/rateable values of the rate able properties. Data relating to value forming characteristics is therefore crucial and its accuracy cannot be over emphasized. To achieve this, we shall endeavor to collect the following information on each of the properties, which are rate able.